Firefox 3 and

There is currently a bug in firefox 3 which causes it to crash with an XError BadAloc when you go to any page hosted on howtoforge.

This seems to be related to the image at I suggest you don’t click on that link đŸ™‚

Apparently this image is 10,000 pixels wide. It looks like this is probably a GTK issue since the same problem happended when I opened the image with evince!

I tried writing a greasemonkey script to get around this problem but it loads too late to avert the crash. So iptables to the rescue.

iptables -I OUTPUT -d -m string –algo bm –to 70 –string “GET /themes/htf_glass/images/bg_header_bottom_left15.png” -j DROP

    -I OUTPUT  # Match packets levaing my laptop
    -d   # Only packets going to howtoforge
    -m string  # Invoke the string matcher
    --algo bm  # Pick a matching algorithm
    --to 70  # Only check the first 70 bytes of each packet
    --string "GET /themes/htf_glass/images/bg_header_bottom_left15.png"  
    -j DROP # Drop the sucker

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  1. So you’ve confirmed that random other gnome apps have the same problem.

    I’ve confirmed that my Firefox3b4 doesn’t have the same problem (running on OS X 10.5)

    So.. Is it really a bug in firefox?

    btw, I like the mooing..

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