Here is a list of presentations I’ve made at various places. These are fairly recent, I’ll put my older ones up as well at some stage.

Conference organiser can find my bio here.

Commit early, Deploy often
Deploying an application shouldn’t be hard it should be easy. In this presentation John will describe how through the use of a combination of standard Dev and Ops tools, deployment of an application into staging and even production can be made simple enough to empower anyone in you team to do it. While this presentation will focus on deploying rails applications, the techniques described could also be applied to other application deployments.

  • Dev Ops Down Under May 2010

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FOSS and Small Business – Flexibility and Choice

  • Open CeBIT – 3rd May 2007

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VoIP – What it can do for you

  • SLUG – November 2006

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Open Source in the Data Centre

  • ThinkingLinux ’06 – 17th October 2006

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Build your own ISP

  • Software Freedom Day 2006 @ UNSW – 16th September 2006
  • DEBSIG @ Cohi Bar – 20th September 2006

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