About me

I’m a serial entrepreneur currently involved in a few business,

  • Robot Parade – A Systems Integration Business I recently started with Jeff Waugh,
  • Inodes – the company I perform random consulting out of,
  • Vquence – a Social Video Analytics provider,
  • Bulletproof Networks – a Managed Services Provider, which I also run with some different friends I used to work with at ZipWorld 🙂

This list is probably woefully out of date 🙂

In my spare time I’m slowly renovating a house I bought many years ago as well as working on random FOSS projects and pondering what crazy new business I’m going to start next.

What is this Blog about? We’ll I’m a pretty private person so you are rarely going to find any major insights into my life here. You will come across any crazy technical problems I’ve had to solve in my day to day activities as well as some random musings about the world. If you’re a friend and want to know what I’m up to then pick up a phone and call me.

If I’ve submitted a paper to your conference then you are probably looking for my bio.

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