EC2UI extension for Firefox 3

I’ve been doing some work with Amazon EC2 the last few days. An invaluable tool is the EC2UI firefox extension that Amazon have written. This provides you with a simple GUI inside the firefox chrome which makes it really easy to manipulate your EC2 instances.

A few weeks ago Hardy moved to using firefox 3. This meant, amongst other things, that the amazon plugin stopped working. The firefox guys have a webpage up that explains how to update extensions for Firefox 3.

The main problem was with changes to the password manager. You can find my changes on my bzr branch and a packaged up version of the extension EC2UI for Firefox 3.0b4.

Update: See comments below for new versions

9 Replies to “EC2UI extension for Firefox 3”

  1. Firefox 3.0b4 says:

    Incompatible Extension

    EC2 UI 1.5.000000 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.0b4.

  2. Update for beta 5?

    Perhaps setting the maxVersion to 3.0b* would be appropriate?

    Also, the link to your bzr branch is broken.


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