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So hop to it. Otherwise you are going to be a sad panda.

Sad Banda brings about another change

Being Technical Guru for 2007 was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in recent years. It was a lot of hard work but it was totally worth it. Having a room burst into applause at the penguin dinner when you say your the network guy is pretty unbelievable.

I went up to the Hunter for a week to recover from the conference and as usual after I did a lot of thinking as to whether it was time to try something new. This time change won out at the end of the day and after 6 years at Bulletproof I decided it was time to move on.

At the beginning of March I started as Director of Engineering at Vquence. Since we are a video company it was decided that we each needed to have our own video on the web.

The past three weeks have been so hectic that Bulletproof already seems a lifetime ago. I’ve been involved in everything from setting up the new office and the corporate infrastructure to product development.

Joining a startup right at the beginning is always an amazing experience. With just a few people on the ground you always get pulled in a few million directions and there is always a new challenge just another five minutes away. I definitely recommend anyone else to jump at the opportunity if it ever presents itself. payment gateway

Some of you may have noticed that we have been having a few problems with the payment gateway. These have ranged from timeouts due to email and DNS issues to 500 server errors due to one or two bugs.

For those of you worried about duplicate payments, don’t đŸ™‚ We were just sending duplicate receipts for a while. You see Commsecure as well as redirecting the user back to the payment_received page, also does a GET on the page themselves. Which means we effectively receive duplicate transactions for everything and this meant we were sending two receipts.

Other than that the Commsecure setup is actually quite nice and does its best not to let users pay twice. It also seems to be written in python.

I had always tried to avoid python, being a long time perl hacker. In the last few months I’ve been dragged into it kicking and screaming. Scarily I’ve actually come to like it. Its nice having real exceptions! Pylons, Myghty and SQLAlchemy are also pretty cool frameworks and have meant I’ve come up to speed on the website code pretty quickly.

Anyway back to LCA, we are a handful of rego’s away from having 500! Don’t forget you’ve got till the 8th December to pay if you registered early enough to get earlybird rates.


We’ve just hit 250 registrations for, only 5 days to go before early bird registrations close.

So here are some interesting stats of the attendee breakdown so far:

By Country

Country Number
Brazil 1
Canada 1
France 1
Ireland 1
Liberia 1
Nigeria 1
China 1
Singapore 1
Spain 1
UK 1
Croatia 4
Germany 4
Japan 4
Romania 9
New Zealand 13
USA 18
Australia 188

Australia by state

State Number
NT 1
WA 19
QLD 20
SA 20
ACT 23
VIC 24
NSW 77

LCA2007 Paper Review

The seven review team met all day Saturday to work out which of the almost 300 submissions were going to make it into the conference.

I had created some statistics based on the reviews the team had performed, this helped the team easily pick the coolest papers and the mildly cool for inclusion and exclusion. Which then left the difficult job of sorting through the ones in the middle.

The hardest job was rejecting papers, even though the team had to pick 80 out of 300 papers I can easily say that the quality of what was rejected was exceptional. They would almost all be included if we could hold a 3 week conference.

Here is some info from those on the review team on how to make sure your paper is near the top of the list.

Of course what would statistics be without pretty graphs, I’ve posted daily and cumulative submissions graphs. As expected this proves that people always leave things till the last minute, and sometime a little bit later than that đŸ™‚

One enterprising individual even tried to submit something yesterday!