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Some of you may have noticed that we have been having a few problems with the payment gateway. These have ranged from timeouts due to email and DNS issues to 500 server errors due to one or two bugs.

For those of you worried about duplicate payments, don’t đŸ™‚ We were just sending duplicate receipts for a while. You see Commsecure as well as redirecting the user back to the payment_received page, also does a GET on the page themselves. Which means we effectively receive duplicate transactions for everything and this meant we were sending two receipts.

Other than that the Commsecure setup is actually quite nice and does its best not to let users pay twice. It also seems to be written in python.

I had always tried to avoid python, being a long time perl hacker. In the last few months I’ve been dragged into it kicking and screaming. Scarily I’ve actually come to like it. Its nice having real exceptions! Pylons, Myghty and SQLAlchemy are also pretty cool frameworks and have meant I’ve come up to speed on the website code pretty quickly.

Anyway back to LCA, we are a handful of rego’s away from having 500! Don’t forget you’ve got till the 8th December to pay if you registered early enough to get earlybird rates.

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