Firefox popup blocking

Wouldn’t it make more sense for firefox to allow popups based on the destination site rather than on the source?

For example most popups I click on are for YouTube. Now some on these are on random blogging sites. Which means that to jump to the YouTube page for that video I have to allow popups for some random blog, which can now popup as many ads as it wants.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow YouTube as a popup destination. It really comes down to the fact that I trust YouTube more than some random blog embedding YouTube videos.

I haven’t thought about this very much so maybe there is a good reason why you wouldn’t want this. If a few other people agree with me I’ll go file a bug. Hmm I wonder if you could write an extension to do it.

Update: Peter raises a good point as to why this is a bad idea.

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  1. You’d want to have it both ways I think. You’d still want to allow sites you trust to have their way with your browser.

    Another example for “destination allowing” is the webmail provided by You have to allow popups in order to see attachments but that means you’ve opened yourself up to their ads as well (triggered by unrelated “on-click” events. argh!). Making that work would require full path matching though.

  2. The allow button is getting me crazy.
    is there a way of letting Firefox LEARN the sites you approve?

    Does the same thing happen in Safari?


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