SLUG VoIP Slides

I’ve finally gotten around to putting the slides from my SLUG talk up. Funnily enough has kept me pretty busy, as usual I’ll take this opportunity to just blame Pia.

You can find the slides on my presentations page, and here is a direct link to the PDF.

A couple of people have asked me which VoIP phones and ATAs I recommend. I don’t have a load of experience with different brands but have done a fair bit of research and really like the SNOM phones and the Linksys (Sipura) ATAs the best.

The main advantages of these units is that they are of fairly high quality a very good price. They are very configurable and have the advantage of being mass deployed via DHCP, TFTP and CGI based config files.

2 Replies to “SLUG VoIP Slides”

  1. Thanks for the pointer (to the slides). Perth is just a bit far, or I would have attended the talk đŸ™‚

  2. Good price, good quality but what is the quality of the VOIP itself? In Holland we are having a lot of problems with these systems, so it’s better to wait for this ‘new’ technology. Ok, Skype is good but the rest?


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