John is serial entrepreneur as well as an expert in highly available and scalable infrastructure. John is currently CTO of Bulletproof Networks who provide Mission Critical Hosting, CTO of Vquence a Video Metrics aggregator, Founder of Robot Parade an Open Source Systems Integrator and President of Linux Australia.

John has powerful understanding of building out operations to satisfy customer needs. He co-founded Bulletproof Networks and was responsible for building out their infrastructure as well as developing anddeploying Bulletproof’s VMware based Dedicated Hosting platform, an Australian first.

John also founded Beagle Internet, an Internet Service Provider. At Beagle John implemented all the dial and email infrastructure as well as developing a fully automated billing and customer provisioning system.

John is also a founder of Inodes Consulting his Open Source Systems consulting business, which has more recently been consulting in the areas of cloud computing enabling companies to deploy applications into Amazons EC2 and Google App Engine.

In his spare time John is involved in the FOSS communities. He was a co-organiser of 2007 a committee member of SLUG in 2007 and has worked on various open source projects including Debian, Ubuntu, Puppet and the Annodex suite. You can read more about John’s work on his blog at

John has a B Eng. (Computing) with Honours from the University of New South Wales.

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